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And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you

For sale to the gullible

Since the 2013 Federal Election a number of people in the political establishment have been claiming that minor parties have been gaming the system to get elected.

However the evidence simply does not support this claim. Read more…

Prague Astronomical Clock Google Doodle

Google Doodle Prague ClockToday’s Google Doodle is another delight, celebrating the 605th Anniversary of Prague’s famous astronomical clock.
It brings back memories of my Prague visit, as I’m sure it does for many others.

How should Australia decide the question of Marriage Equality?

It’s your choice! Make a smart decision.

Adam Goodes: retelling of MCG ‘ape’ incident distorts the truth

Chip Le Grand

Goodes pointThe history wars are back with us. This time, the chosen battle ground is the MCG on a Friday night two years ago when a young girl called Adam Goodes an ape.

Read more…

Submission to the End of Life Choices Inquiry

I’d like to thank the Legal and Social Issues committee for the opportunity to make a submission to the End of Life Choices Inquiry. Read more…

Is your booing of Adam Goodes racist?

Many people are wondering if they boo Adam Goodes, are they being racist.
The following is a quick guide to check if you’re being racist.

adam goodes dance

Are you booing Adam Goodes because he is Aboriginal?

Yes your booing is racist

Are you booing Adam Goodes because he called out racism?

Yes your booing is racist

Are you booing Adam Goodes because he uses his profile to campaign for Aboriginal recognition in the constitution?

Yes your booing is racist

Are you booing Adam Goodes because he celebrated Indigenous culture with a “war dance”?

Yes your booing is racist

Are you booing Adam Goodes because he gave away a blatant/clumsy/mongrel free kick?

No your booing is not racist, but non-racist booing sounds exactly like racist booing. No one can tell the difference. Racists have ruined the occasional boo for all of us.

There is only one answer Stop being a flog. Stop booing Adam Goodes.

Recycling old news – Mamamia is just fucking awful

Mamamia click bait is fucking awful 1
Mamamia is just fucking awful
That is definitely old news. We all know it. I’ve probably said it a million times before, and repeated it often. I usually don’t pay attention to it but today on a Facebook post I saw they had allegedly copied from/ripped off a blogger.
I was curious so I went looking for the evidence and there was little doubt. The similarities were obvious. While looking for that post on the Mamamia Facebook page I saw another post asking: “What’s making news this afternoon?”

Read more…