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St Vincent’s Health – Nanny State and Religious Beliefs

June 2, 2016

When St Vincent’s Health lectures Australia on alcohol use, alcohol advertising and lockout laws in one of the biggest nanny state pushes in our history, remember they fail to provide reproductive health care in their public hospitals.

Taxpayers provide this Catholic Church institution hundreds of millions of dollars every year to provide care in public hospitals, but women can’t fill their birth control scripts, women cannot have their tubes tied, and women cannot receive a pregnancy termination, in a publicly funded hospital.

Patients often don’t have a choice as to which public hospital they attend, more so in an emergency.

St Vincent’s Health operates four public hospitals, including two of the largest in Melbourne and Sydney.

St Vincent’s Health should not be able deny heath care to the members of the public in a public hospital funded by the public, on the basis of their religious beliefs.

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