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When the words come… scattered

March 26, 2016

The days when words don’t come easily are growing in number.

I find myself unable to express myself far too often, whether in the public sphere arguing for the rights of others or in private as I try to express my affection.

This scares me.

Sometimes my mind is jumbled and I struggle for clarity, and other times my mind is a void where no words are to be found.

Should I blame this on age, on my advancing middle age? Should I blame this on the increasingly complicated demands of modern life? Should I accept my limitations and realise that despite years of feeling above average, I am just average?

Or should I be kind to myself and let the words come to me when they come to me?

I began this mental amble intending a poem, a reflection of sorts. It has no purpose but to allow my mind to wander. This amble has become a ramble and perhaps I should end it now.

Until next time, when the words come.

autumn leaf


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