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The unfettered bigotry of a dangerous mind

May 30, 2015

On Saturday most Australians were celebrating Ireland’s referendum result on marriage equality and looking to our politicians to achieve marriage equality here. Most that is except for Lyle Shelton and co. at the Australian Christian Lobby.

Those crazy Christians have written no fewer than seven articles and or press releases in the days since, opposing marriage equality and “warning” Australians of the “consequences” ahead.

It started with “Irish marriage referendum a blow to the rights of children.” As the ACL Managing Director, Shelton used many of the same old tired arguments about the rights of children, which most recognize as false arguments given many parents don’t marry and many married people don’t have children.

Shelton argued it would cause commercial surrogacy to be legalised in Australia, despite that push coming from heterosexual couples.

“Lyle Shelton” ended up trending on twitter as Australians, appalled or amused at his opinions, tweeted their thoughts. Many engaged with him on twitter and to some he tweeted back.

Lyle Shelton unfettered

No gay men are demanding “unfettered” access to access to donor eggs from women and carrier wombs. Only someone who denies women the right to bodily autonomy on issues like abortion would consider such an argument. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. People like Shelton don’t ponder issues like a woman’s consent when a child or foetus is involved. A woman’s body is rendered secondary to their religious beliefs, and becomes a plaything for their arguments.

Lyle Shelton then asked that the issue go to a plebiscite, ”ACL calls for plebiscite on changing marriage” Funnily enough he didn’t ask for a plebiscite when with the help of Senator Guy Barnett (Tasmania), he and the Christian constituency pressured the Liberals and the ALP to amend the Marriage Act back in 2004.

Shelton felt he “was reviled on Triple J for not agreeing with their view of same-sex marriage” here: Lyle sidelined on Triple J and Shelton then felt the need to play the persecuted Christian by listing commentary by many and varied Australians here: Why Australia should not rush to follow Ireland.

Following Bill Shorten’s announcement that he would introduce a bill for marriage equality next week another article followed: Shorten fails to consider the consequences of changing marriage

As more MPs announced their support for marriage equality, Shelton lamented “the apparent capitulation in the Parliament to the same-sex political agenda” here: Parliament needs to focus on consequences of changing marriage It largely rehashed the press release from Saturday night with extra unfettered-ness.

Finally Shelton returned to the persecution angle listing examples he fears would be replicated here if marriage between people of the same sex were to occur: Meet the victims of same-sex marriage. He must have been struggling for examples as two of them occurred in Australia without marriage equality becoming law.

While Lyle Shelton focuses on strawman arguments and perceived victimisation, the majority of Australians are focusing on the love some people share and want officially recognized.

We are hopeful that marriage equality is achieved sooner than later and we’re looking forward to celebrations and some fabulous weddings.

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