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Dandee Donuts

February 7, 2015

On Friday I was in Dandenong and with time to spare for my lunch I was able to explore Dandenong Market. I’d been wanting to visit the market since seeing Geoff Cox devour a donut on Coxy’s Big Break, and claim them to be the best in town.

I bought a traditional bag of six, more for the visual impact in a photograph than the desire of my belly, and was taken with the smell of fried dough and sugar.

dandenong market donuts 1

The donuts present crisp and brown, and generously but not overly coated in sugar. They are rounder than their Queen Vic Market cousins, and slightly smaller than Olympic donuts in Footscray, but the real measure was always going to be in the tasting.
dandenong market donuts 2
The crisp shell of the dough gives way to a fluffy interior, lighter than Olympic donuts and less buttery than Queen Vic. It doesn’t melt in the mouth, but it falls away gently opening up to the taste buds. There is a generous injection of jam, that spreads through the fluffy interior such that there is a good mix of jam and non-jam sections of the donut.

With the next donut I tried the pull apart test, and as I would have guessed, the fluffy dough opened up beautifully.

I took the remainder home, and last night tried a donut cold. As expected the shell and dough were noticeably drier, but the jam was tasty. It was still tasty.

Today I tried the re-heat test in the microwave. 20 seconds did the trick and I was very happy to find the donut almost as good as fresh, experiencing all the joy of the two I devoured yesterday.

This may well be the best hot jam donut in Melbourne.


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One Comment
  1. Meggen Lowry permalink

    This is the best hot jam donut in Australia. I live in Brisbane now and still dream of Dandee Donuts. They taste like childhood.

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