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It’s 2015 and this still happens

January 30, 2015

Saturday 24th January 2015 was the fourth Saturday of the month and I once again found myself outside the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne. As the clinic defence had inexplicably been arranged for the following Saturday I was alone, but not for long.

The Rosary Parade (largely made up of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants – HOGPI) had made their way from their regular pro-life mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral to Wellington Parade and finding the clinic largely undefended, they parked themselves immediately outside the entrance.

I alerted the security guard employed by the clinic who had been inside, and together we kept vigil over the moralising, praying group. I took a few pictures and had a few pictures taken of myself by the antis.

 20150124_104906 20150124_105148












As we stood there the security guard recounted to me a death threat made against clinic staff a couple of weeks prior. A woman had approached the front door, rang the buzzer, and upon the door being opened she informed the staff member that all the staff would be murdered soon. She then left.

The same woman returned the next day and parked her car across the road from the clinic. Police were called, they quickly attended and approached the woman, a discussion ensued and the woman left.

To the knowledge of the security guard no other action has been taken. I trust Victoria Police have dealt with the matter, and rather than it being a serious threat I hope it was more a case of a disturbed woman who is now receiving the help she requires. None the less it is troubling, and ideally the security of the clinic should be informed of the details so they can update protocols if necessary.

As my conversation with the security guard concluded we noticed some participants of the Rosary Parade proceeding to the rear entrance.

20150124_110410 IMGP0059













These two members of HOGPI were harassing a patient who had exited the clinic. Despite the efforts of the clinic manager and the security they harassed the patient all the way to her friend’s vehicle, and their continued efforts caused the driver to struggle to exit the tight spaces of the car park.

These two then lurked, awaiting the next patient. At times they positioned themselves behind the adjacent brick wall, before leaving once the Rosary Parade departed the clinic.

The female in these images is Trudi Aiashi, who was the Democratic Labour Party candidate for Eltham at the Victorian State Election in 2010.

The Fertility Control Clinic is currently involved in legal action against the City of Melbourne. I hope the action is successful. If not legislative action by Victoria’s parliament will be the next step to enact a buffer zone. It would be required to protect the privacy of patients and the well being and safety of patients and staff within the clinic.

In this day and age most Victorians would have thought this intimidatory and moralising behaviour had been left in the past.


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