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An incomplete “History of Bloodshed” from the Herald Sun

January 10, 2015

20150110_121200 A20150110_121143 AOn Friday Jan 9 2015 the Herald-Sun published a “History of Bloodshed” (Page 7) listing many instances of terror in this century, but curiously it omitted the largest terror act/plot seen in Melbourne.

On 16 July 2001 Peter James Knight entered the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne intent on killing all present, and then repeating his murderous rampage at every abortion clinic in Melbourne.

He was carrying a rifle, 16 litres of kerosene, 3 lighters, torches, 30 gags, and a handwritten note that read “We regret to advise that as a result of a fatal accident involving some members of staff, we have been forced to cancel all appointments today”.

He murdered the security guard Stephen Rodgers but was thankfully overpowered by staff and patients before further deaths could be inflicted.

I wonder why this act of death and major plot for further deaths was omitted from the list yet Numan Haider, whose attack did not result in any deaths, was included? A different religion? Maybe?

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