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Our entitled Prime Minister

April 2, 2014

Our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed much of himself when took Australia back into the past.

Asked why he had re-introduced Knights and Dames without informing his cabinet or party room, Mr Abbott said:

“I think the prime minister is entitled to make these sorts of decisions with the monarch.”

Tony Abbott meets Queen Elizabeth II

So much for an end to the age of entitlement. It’s a reply many of Tony Abbott’s critics would expect. Blind to its arrogance and hypocrisy. However it was also the wrong question.

The question should have been:

“Prime Minister why have you re-introduced Knights and Dames without consulting the Australian people?”

The Prime Minister’s first duty should be to represent the people of Australia. Even though Tony Abbott was criticised by some for re-instating a reference to the monarch in his oath of office, he did at least reference the people of Australia first.

I, [Minister’s full name], do swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia in the office of [position] and that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Australia. So help me God!

Having taken this oath, surely this Prime Minister of the people would have considered asking the people first?

I have no doubt that Tony Abbott believes that he will well and truly serve the people of Australia best by remembering our historical links and recognising service in this way, but maybe just maybe he should have asked the people of Australia first. He could have made it an election promise on the Thursday before the election and still won easily but for a person who promised no surprises, he has certainly broken that promise in a most cavalier way.

It confirms to many Australians that Tony Abbott has no problem looking back to our historical ties and it will make them question if he is capable of looking forward to those opportunities that will best serve the Australian people.

The Australian people should also be wary of what other decisions Tony Abbott feels he is entitled to make without asking them first.

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