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It’s the facts Andrew Bolt rejects

March 29, 2014

Yesterday Andrew Bolt returned to one of his favourite agendas, taking a swipe at the ABC for perceived bias. This time he relied on piece from that dessicated fossil of the right, Gerard Henderson:

Wendy Harmer was in the presenter’s chair (standing in for Richard Glover) and her guests were Emma Alberici (ABC TV), John Mangos and Malarndirri McInerney (SBS/NITV News).

Soon discussion got around to the Racial Discrimination Act – Section 18 (c) and Section 18 (d) – and all that. Plus George Brandis and Andrew Bolt and all that. Soon Wendy Harmer agreed with Emma Alberici who agreed with John Mangos who agreed with Malarndirri McInerney who agreed with Wendy Harmer who agreed with herself that the Attorney-General’s proposed amendment to the Racial Discrimination Act was a BAD THING. No other view was heard as everyone agreed with everyone else in the usual ABC way.

Well that’s the view of Gerard Henderson, and as is often his way Bolt takes the cowards path, allowing others to make his argument for him. One must wonder if Andrew Bolt sought out views other than Henderson?

If he had they may have pointed out that Malarndirri McInerney as an Indigenous Australian has a perspective on racism that may differ from John Mangos who has Greek heritage, which may differ again from Emma Alberici.

Gerard Henderson omitted John Mangos’s current employment, which is not with one of publicly owned broadcasters. I wonder why Gerard omitted that? Because it may have detracted from his biased argument against public broadcasters?

Emma Alberici has had a broad media career, starting at the Herald Sun, working in many capacities at the Nine Network, before moving to the ABC.  Only her currently employer is listed to support the argument of bias.

In relying on the viewpoint of only one person to make his argument, Boilt is guilty of a bias of which he accuses others. Not that this hypocrisy would occur to him. It never does.

It’s the facts which Andrew Bolt rejects that makes Andrew Bolt biased.

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