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Extricating that which we hope will remain

June 22, 2013

The Age outraged some and bemused others today by calling on Julia Gillard to stand aside as Prime Minister. Whether you think that is right or wrong, or loaded with hypocrisy, it is within The Age’s right to do so.

What is curious is that The Age said “Labor has implemented landmark reforms, which we hope will remain.”

Given that Tony Abbott has made a “pledge in blood” to remove the carbon price, and the coalition has been less than committed to the Gonski school reforms or the NDIS it raises a curious question.

If Prime Minister Gillard does lead the Australian Labor Party into the election who will The Age recommend be elected to govern for the next three years? It’s difficult to imagine they could recommend a Gillard led ALP should govern, but just as difficult to imagine they could recommend an Abbott led coalition that will claim a mandate to undo much of  “which we hope will remain.”

Today’s editorial has possibly placed The Age between a rock and a hard place, and I can’t see them extricating themselves.


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