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What kind of conservative argues against our representative democracy?

May 21, 2013

On May 8th 2013 an opinion piece by Jai Martinkovits was published by Perth Now (News Ltd). At the end of the piece Jai Martinkovits declares that he is an Executive Director of CANdo, one of Cory Bernardi’s conservative astro-turfed groups.

In the first paragraph he argues that:

“IF Australia is to redefine marriage – and this is by no means inevitable – it is not a matter for legislators or activist judges, but a matter for the people.”

What kind of conservative argues that “it is not a matter for legislators”.
Our “legislators” are our elected representatives. Our democracy places trust in our elected representatives to make decisions on matters like this.  It is quite peculiar for a self-declared conservative to so clearly advocate against our representative democracy.

If he believes it is not a matter for our elected representatives does that not invalidate the Howard/Ruddock amendments in the Marriage Amendment Bill 2004 that entrenched the discrimination? That matter was voted upon by our elected representatives, something that Jai seems blithely ignorant of.

Jai also argues:

“If the parliament were to proceed with a same-sex marriage law, as sure as night follows day, there will be a challenge in the High Court.”

This might be true but Jai ignores that it would also leave the Marriage Amendment Bill 2004 he so treasures and relies upon for his argument open to challenge. I wish conservatives like Jai luck in finding a constitutional reason to overturn marriage equality because it will just as quickly overturn the 2004 Amendment Bill.

The stench of ignorance fuelled by privileged bigotry reeks from Jai’s opinion piece. If this is the best argument conservatives can muster against same sex marriage and marriage equality then it won’t be along until I attend the weddings of my lesbian and gay friends. I look forward to those days (and the fabulous wedding receptions.)

ASP Marriage Equality

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