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The sad joke that is Andrew Bolt

April 11, 2013

On Monday Andrew Bolt took aim at the protesters who were in attendance of the Institute of Public Affairs “Freedom” dinner last week. In doing so he alleged that the “spiritual leaders” of the protesters “are ministers of the Gillard Government.”

bolt socialists gillard spiritual leaders
The claim is quite laughable. One can only assume that Bolt doesn’t know what he is talking about. He certainly hasn’t taken the time to know who is protesting against his public appearances and his opinions. I doubt he has ever taken the time to speak to any of them and learn what their opinions really are.

Those in attendance were from Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and other groups, including a few anarchists. If Andrew Bolt were to even do the simplest of Google searches he would discover that neither organisation is especially enamoured with the Prime Minister.

Gillard defends Howard, attacks the left

Under the stewardship of Julia Gillard, the Labor Party looks set to shift its immigration policy to the right.

In her short time at the helm, Gillard has given tacit consent to racism through announcing that she “understands” some people’s “concern” about boat people.

Gillard, Abbott, get the treatment they deserve

The Bobbsey twins of racism, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, got a little back yesterday of what the thugs who protect them and their ilk dish out to Aboriginal people every day.

Reverse the attacks on sole parent benefits

This is appalling at a time when Australia is in the midst a mining boom of historic proportions. Mining companies, banks and other big corporations are making record profits and their CEOs are getting obscenely high pay packages. And all this under a so-called Labor federal government.

Even more disgusting is the fact that Julia Gillard’s Labor government has just pushed through parliament welfare changes that will force 100,000 single parents (mostly women) off parenting payments and on to the even lower Newstart unemployment allowance.

I doubt Andrew Bolt will ever attend an event where he would get the chance to speak to these protesters at a one on one level, but if he did he’d learn that most of their views of the Gillard government are more extreme than the examples I’ve listed. They see modern day ALP as neo-liberals, no better than the Liberal Party.

To call the “ministers of the Gillard Government” their “spiritual leaders” is quite frankly a sad joke. Either Bolt is out of touch with reality, thinking anyone to his left is alike, or he doesn’t care about the truth.

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