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Dear Tom, let’s say FUCK!

February 27, 2013

An invitation to Tom Morello


Dear Tom,
(Is it ok if I call you Tom?)

When you visit Melbourne next month while touring with Bruce Springsteen, I invite you to bring your guitar to the City Square one afternoon for a casual performance/protest.

You may be aware that Melbourne was the site of the first forcible eviction of an Occupy movement but you may not be aware that Occupiers and many other residents of Melbourne have been subject to laws that stifle free speech, political protest and unfairly target the homeless, indigenous and those with mental health issues.

Police move on powers were cited in the removal of Occupiers from many public spaces but they are used every day against the homeless.

Police powers to issue on the spot fines for using indecent or offensive language in a public place disproportionately affect the homeless, indigenous and mentally unwell.

In 2011 legislation to entrench these powers sparked a protest on the steps of our Parliament House where I held a sign containing the RATM lyrics:

“fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”

Shortly after thousands participated in a Fuckwalk through the streets of Melbourne protesting the change to the laws.

Sadly nothing has changed since.

Many Victorians have followed your activism from afar, from your support for the wrongly imprisoned to support for the Occupy movement in the United States.

If you could join me and others in the City Square – with  some well chosen examples of profanity – it would help to highlight how these laws disproportionately affect the most disadvantaged in our society.

Chris Johnson

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