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Puppies and Polls – An Election Dream

February 11, 2013

I had a vivid dream last night that stayed with me once I was awake. Like many a dream it made little to no sense but during the dream I was feeling quite disturbed.

I  dreamt that it was the last weeks of the 2013 Federal Election campaign. Working 14 hour days, we were flat out with mornings at railway stations, afternoons in shopping centres and evenings contacting volunteers.

The Australian Sex Party was making inroads into the polls, influencing the national discussion, but then….

For some unknown reason we had given each of our candidates a puppy and they were a great gimmick on the campaign trail. Kissing puppies rather than babies became our thing – until the puppies started dying. Out of the 343 puppies being cared for by our candidates (a crazy number as each candidate only had one puppy and 150 House of Reps candidates and a full Senate card in each state and territory would mean less than 200 candidates) fully 90% had passed away in the last weeks.

Suddenly the candidates and the party were on the back foot. Newspapers proclaimed that if our candidates couldn’t be trusted to look after puppies how could we be trusted with political office.

At that point my dream (or as much of it as I can remember) ended.  I hope similar dreams don’t repeat. I’m not sure I could handle seven more months of these.


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