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After a Psychologist Session

January 25, 2013

I’ve been seeing a psychologist for 16 months now.  I’ve found it to be a helpful experience and I was wondering if writing about it could help others.

I’m writing this having just arrived home from a session. Some sessions are quite emotional. Others are almost perfunctory. After a perfunctory session my day/evening continues as though it didn’t happen but after an emotional session I can have a myriad of reactions.

Sometimes I leave a session in a state of detachment, still in a head space of reflection.

Sometimes I feel raw and want to insulate myself from my emotions, from my family and friends, and from the world in general.

Other times all I want to do is call someone and talk through the emotions revealed in the session.
Today I left the session and immediately called my father. I had emotions I wanted to share and I love my father for being able to not just listen to me, but to hear me.

I will probably indulge myself tonight with some comfort food. It’s probably cliché but my psychologist has  discussed how I should allow myself some rewards for the steps I’m taking.

Counselling isn’t an easy thing to contemplate when you’re at your lowest. Talking/opening up/revealing hurt is often the last thing someone wants to do. I know that’s how I felt. Finding a someone, a stranger, with whom you’re comfortable in talking to will be a challenge. I was lucky. My GP recommended someone and I have found my psychologist to be accommodating and engaging. If you haven’t been as lucky I can only hope you don’t give up and try again soon.

As it has for me I hope the help helps.


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