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If only ….

January 17, 2013

Politicians love to dip their toes in the grief of their constituents in the aftermath of a catastrophe.

Be it a natural disaster such as a bushfire or a mass shooting they get to perform a pantomime of care and concern before heading back to the cocoon of their public office.

What a shame they can’t visit the bedrooms (or squats) of the tens of thousands of people disadvantaged, isolated or hurt by their pandering to interest groups like the Australian Christian Lobby.

If only they could see the grief of parents who lost a son.  The grief of siblings who lost a sister.  The grief of nieces and nephews who lost a much loved aunt.  The private grief over the silent deaths that occur throughout Australia as a result of bullying and discrimination.

Unfortunately our Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have no qualms about pandering to the bigoted minority in Australia. They welcome to the support of those who would discriminate on the grounds of gender and gender identity, sexuality and martial status. For the price of a few votes they entrench the discrimination that leads to bullying, that leads to isolation, that sees many self harm and take their own lives.  For the price of a few votes families lose loved ones.

Australia deserves better.

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