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Adorable or Creepy?

December 23, 2012

‘Tis the Season for Christmas movies and “Love Actually” has quickly established itself as a holiday season favourite. It was on television in the past week and managed to trend on Twitter despite having been watched and repeated many times.

This Buzzfeed quiz ‘How Well Do You Know “Love Actually”?’ has been doing the rounds the past couple of days and I shared it on twitter and Facebook.  Today I saw the Facebook post again with the following image:

hugh grant

It was cropped to just Hugh Grant and I mistook the image of Hugh Grant dancing to the Pointer Sisters “Jump” for someone else much less pleasant.

hugh patrick

Adorable                    or                              Creepy?

It’s difficult to look at that comparison of Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister and Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman and choose which is creepier.  Bale’s Patrick Bateman might just be the creepier, not for the fact he was a serial killer, but for the fact that at that moment he was looking at himself in a mirror (or listening to Sussudio during sex).


p.s. I scored 25 out of 29 on ‘How Well Do You Know “Love Actually”?’

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