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Mr Burger

December 20, 2012

Last night I went to the Queen Vic Night Market and found an obnoxious and obscene amount of people. Despite the wonderful company I was with I wasn’t having fun. People walking around with their heads down looking at smartphones, others stopping dead in front of me, people generally finding every way to block others … it was as though people had forgotten how to walk. No one in my group was enjoying themselves so we decided to leave.

The night was saved however when we stumbled upon a Mr Burger truck. Being from south of the river I had envied northerners for their food trucks so I leapt at the opportunity.

Mr Burger 1

I had the Mr Meat and I was soon in heaven. Best Hamburger in Melbourne by a long long way.  A soft bun ensconced a thick juicy beef patty and layer upon layer of bacon added smoky flavour. A pickle tickled my palate as it slipped from the wonderful combination in my hands and down my throat.  Despite my initial fears it could ruin the whole thing the yellow cheese was tasty.

Mr Burger 2

The picture above certainly cannot do the burger justice. As a regular visitor to Warrnambool I have long proclaimed Kermonds to be the best hamburger in Victoria but Mr Burger is a serious challenger to that crown. Many have lauded Andrew’s Burgers in Albert Park and Danny’s Takeaway in Fitzroy North but I found them wanting. Mr Burger is the clear winner in Melbourne at the moment.

I’ll be heading back for many more.  It might be worth moving north of the river just for these culinary delights.

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