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Sunday Herald Anti-Choice Sun?

November 26, 2012

On Saturday I attended the Our Clinic, Our Bodies, Our Choice rally that I had helped to organise with Melbourne Feminist Action.  Defending the Fertility Control Clinic it was in my opinion a well organised, well attended, positive event.  I did two head counts during the event. The first one had the count at 236 and the second had the count at 251.

I briefly gave some background information to an AAP journalist and his report was published online by the Herald Sun later that day.

Our Clinic – Online Herald Sun 24-11-2012

I would quibble with his reporting on the attendance – and the image not from the rally but AP* – but the rest of the reporting is balanced and accurate.  Yet somehow by the time the article appeared in print in the Sunday Herald Sun the next day it had changed somewhat:

Our Clinic – Sunday Herald Sun 25-11-2012

“PRO-CHOICE advocates” had become “PRO-ABORTION advocates”. The headline had changed from one of support to one of conflict.  The story appeared on page 25 so there was no need to “jazz up” the story, so why the change?  Is one of the editors at the Sunday Herald Sun religiously devout to the extent that they need to change a reporter’s language to suit their own views?

If so – shameful.


* (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Joe Mahoney) per Google image search

One Comment
  1. AAP tend to report very coldly – I wonder who the editor was that changed that article for the Herald Sun? It’s clear that some very specific bias has been put in to this article.

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