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Catch the Fire …. the idiocy of Danny Nalliah

November 26, 2012

One of my favourite wingnuts made the news today for predictable reasons… his idiotic hate and hypocrisy.

Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries is opposing a planned mosque being built next to his planned church. His reported reasons as for opposing the mosque were staggering:

“We don’t approve of Islam as a religion but we love Muslim people. Islam teaches that those who follow other religions are infidels.

“It is a religion that doesn’t value freedom of religion. Having those same teachings right under our noses is counter-productive to our church.”

He said that homes vacated by “fed-up” neighbours would be bought up by Muslims, creating a “sharia [the moral code and religious law of Islam] zone”.

Can you see the number of contradictions uttered here?

Christianity speaks of those who follow false Gods as does Islam. Most religions condemn those who don’t follow their dogma.

He wants to protect freedom of religion by opposing the freedom of another religion? He seems to struggle with this concept of freedom of religion. He probably opposes secularism as a tool of the devil. (I have a whole blog on opposing secularism begging to be written.)  If he truly supported freedom of religion he would support it for all religions and freedom from religion.

He fears a strict sharia zone in the area, even though he favours a strict Christian doctrine for all Australians.

His hypocrisy knows no bounds.  His hate for Islam is endless.

None of this is surprising though.  He has a long history of idiocy.  The lowlight of which was blaming Victoria’s Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009 on that state legalising abortion in 2008.

He also has no self awareness.  The abuse of children by religious leaders has been a long known problem so you’d think he’d want to avoid any hint of impropriety.  Yet he publishes this image:

It could be he is simply naive – but I feel he is an idiot with no self awareness.  No awareness of the impression this image would present, let alone awareness of his own hypocrisy.

If only there was a God. He could save us from the wingnuts.

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