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So clear and eloquent… and then there was a dick!

October 30, 2012

Last night with Eric Abetz and Grahame “kicking her to death” Morris to appear on the panel, I was more than happy to ignore QandA.  I was channel surfing from This is England ’86 on SBS, to Silent Hill on 11, and past Talladega Nights on GO!.

Not being able to settle on any of the three I found myself on ABC1 and tweeted a couple of banal responses to the idiocy of Abetz and Morris.  I wasn’t paying the show too much attention until Sekai Holland began talking.  I was drawn to her poise and impressed with her eloquence, as she spoke of reconciliation and forgiveness in Zimbabwe.  I tweeted:

The conversation switched to Archie Roach and then I lost interest as it went to Eric Abetz and Kate Lundy.  I was lucky to even catch Tony Jones say the name “Dream Brother’ and then hear him read out my tweet.

TONY JONES: Just before we bring you in, Grahame, there’s a tweet come in from Dream_Brother: “Watching Sekai Holland speaking so clearly and eloquently shows how low Australian politicians have fallen.”

In a moment of self absorbed glory I raised my arms into the air.  I missed my tweet appearing on the screen (below) but I did hear some applause and bemusement from Sekai.

You can watch the episode here.  My tweet was read out from 36:40.  Tony Jones then called on Grahame Morris:

GRAHAME MORRIS: But unlike Zimbabwe, we don’t shoot each other.

His comment drew deserved disdain from the audience.  I tweeted:

“For a moment I was smiling, and then Grahame Morris … what a dick!”

It really was a dick comment and demonstrated he wasn’t really listening.  It’s true we don’t shoot each other.  We don’t torture each other.  Which makes the reconciliation in Zimbabwe all the more remarkable, compared to our political discussions which seem all the more nasty and petty.  Grahame Morris is incapable of understanding this, which makes him a dick.

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