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Never Going Back

October 13, 2012

Today I was meant to speak on behalf of the Australian Sex Party at the Rally for Abortion Rights, countering the March for the Babies.

Unfortunately no one was able to deliver their speeches due to a compressed time schedule with the arrival of Global Noise and the March for the Babies.

Here is the speech I would have delivered today:



As you can see, I am male. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you I have a penis.  I don’t have a vagina or a uterus.
Over there is Bernie Finn.  Another male, and as disgusting as it is to think about, I’m pretty sure he also has a penis, not a uterus.
But I’m not here to get personal.  I’m here to talk common sense.

Bernie and I will never know how it feels to be pregnant. We will never experience the swollen ankles, swollen nipples, sore back or pressure on our bladder that comes with being pregnant. We will never face the choice of deciding if we are ready to bring life into this world. As men we will never have the final decision of bringing life into this world or choosing to terminate a pregnancy.

Men should trust women to make their own decisions. Men should support women in their decisions.  Men should only be pro-choice – whatever that choice may be – and any man who can’t support a woman’s decision – a woman’s choice –  isn’t worthy of a place in Parliament.

Anti-choice activists try to justify their opposition to the 2008 law change, but can only do through lies and misrepresentations.
They say that medical professionals don’t have to mandatorily report suspected sexual abuse, when in fact the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 requires mandatory reporting of suspected sexual abuse.
They say that abortion is available for any reason until birth, when in fact abortion is limited after 24 weeks of gestation.
They say that informed consent is not required, when in fact informed consent is required before a medical professional can perform a procedure.
They say that medical professionals are not allowed to exercise conscientious objection to abortion, when in fact Section 8 of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 does allow conscientious objection. Medical professionals still have a responsibility to their patient and must refer their patient to a medical professional who does not have a conscientious objection to abortion. Any medical professional who cannot place the patient first and refer them on, doesn’t deserve to be a medical professional.

Many of them stand outside medical facilities to intimidate women – yet they say they are pro-woman.

They say that women should be forced into counselling before an abortion – yet they say they are pro-woman.
They say that women should be forced into mandatory waiting periods – yet they say they are pro-woman.
Forcing women to do things against their choice is not being pro-woman.  Women deserve better than these lies and misrepresentations.

Lies and misrepresentations is all they have beyond their faith.  And it’s their faith they want to impose upon all women.
By all means live your lives by your faith, but stop trying to impose your faith upon others.  This is a secular state, not a religious state, and that is not going to change
Safe and legal abortion is here to stay and we are Never Going Back.

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