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Pro-lifers … oh god!

October 12, 2012

You’ll have to forgive me but in the lead-up to the March for the Babies and the counter rally for Abortion Rights, I do get rather focused on the stupidity of the pro-lifers/anti-choicers.

OK It’s like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to finding stupid comments by anti-choicers, but this one was a stand out.

Did you spot what is wrong with the above post?

“Once conception occurs, a new organism exists, and, left to itself, there is a continuum of development that occurs…”

Got it now?  OK for those who are a little slow I’ll highlight it further.

“… and, left to itself …”

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, this anti-choicer thinks that a fertilised egg will develop if “left to itself.”

She omits or seems to forget that to develop,  the fertilized egg or zygote, needs to implant (ideally in the uterus).  Without implantation and the resultant nourishment from mother to foetus there is no chance of the development Kate Cann assumes above.

It is common for a fertilised egg not to implant.  They pass through the uterus and are expelled through the menstrual process.  If what Kate Cann asserts is true we would be seeing a number of babies developing in sewerage systems or in landfills attached to sanitary pads.

The complexity of the reproductive system is not oft considered by anti-choicers.  They don’t like their concept of life beginning at fertilisation to be challenged by the facts presented by science.  They prefer the simple explanations to match their simple beliefs.  To acknowledge that the foetus needs the mother is to acknowledge the impact of pregnancy on the mother.  This is unacceptable to anti-choicers as they want people to accept that the life of the unborn is paramount, ahead of the life of the mother, in their crusade against abortion.

Encouraged by gains in the USA anti-choicers are emboldened and constantly active in Australia.  We need to highlight their stupidity and make sure that their activism does not threaten women’s reproductive rights.

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