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Once again … the offensive hypocrisy of Andrew Bolt

October 1, 2012

That Andrew Bolt is a hypocrite isn’t news but it’s worth reminding people from time to time just how much of an idiot he is.

Today Andrew Bolt has taken aim at Fairfax (It’s a favourite past time of his.)

Puerile? Maybe. Vilification? Hardly.
But if Andrew is worried about vilification by photograph he might want to look closer to home.

For instance this photograph appeared on May 22nd 2012 in the Herald Sun.
Puerile? Definitely. Vilification? Definitely. Horrendous photoshopping? Definitely.

Andrew should take a closer look at his own blog.

Vilification? Clearly. Puerile? That doesn’t even begin to cover it. Yes that’s a depiction of a member of the Nazi Youth in a video posted in a blog about GetUp.  That is as offensive as you can get.

The images of Alan Jones are unflattering.  However his comments over the years about women in general and Julia Gillard in particular have not been flattering.  The images are not photoshopped and they are not offensive.

Andrew Bolt needs to look closer to home if he is expecting a higher standard of journalism.

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