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Blaming others … and harming many more.

September 22, 2012

The following is one of the saddest things I have read in a long time.

“Just wanted to share with you all what my amazing son did yesterday. By an unusual series of events, I found myself driving past the abortion clinic where I had my first two abortions, 15 and 20yrs ago. I became quite upset, and if I was someone who was prone to panic attacks, I most certainly would have had a big one. My eldest son,  15, asked me what was wrong, so I told him, as he knows all about my abortions. He said he wanted to go in there and tell them they killed his brother and sister. I asked him if he was sure, and he had such a look of steely determination as he said, “Yep!” that I turned around. I felt physically sick pulling into the car park, but there was nowhere else to stop. I waited in the car whilst he went in. It seemed to take forever until he came back! This is what he said he did: “I went up to the receptionist and told her that what they are doing is wrong and she said ‘I think you’d better leave’, so I did, but as I was walking out, I turned around and said ‘Thanks for killing my brother and sister.’ ” Wow! SO proud of my boy! ♥”

Whatever her regrets this woman is blaming others for her own decisions.  Her choices.  By her account she also has her son blaming others for her choices.

The saddest thing is that this woman provides post-abortion counseling and healing in Western Australia.  Can you imagine her being able to provide healing?  More likely she would provide guilt and shame to women experiencing regret.  Therefore it is important for people to know who is spreading the stigma of abortion.

Her name is Karina Felton.  (Her son’s name was removed from the above account.)  She is part of a network of  “counsellors” throughout Australia who prey upon vulnerable women to convince them their choice of an abortion was a sin.  More often than not they are not trained mental health professionals but volunteers with religious links.

A woman should not feel shame for deciding if and when she completes a pregnancy.  It is her body. Her choice. Abortion is a fact of life for many women.  Women should be able to access safe and legal abortion, and not have to feel guilty for doing so.

Regrets are normal. Regrets are very human.  I understand that she could regret the choices she made when she was younger.  I wonder if she received the type of counseling for her regrets that she now offers others?  I wonder if she has been told she murdered her babies?  If so she is as much a victim of the stigma of abortion as any other woman.

Women should have access to counseling before during and after pregnancy from professionally trained counsellors, not those who would seek to guilt women.

Can you imagine anything more disgusting than preying upon vulnerable women to make yourself feel better about your own regrets?

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