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Stupid Lucky Me!

September 12, 2012

Today I did one of those stupid absent minded things but was lucky enough to be pleasantly surprised in the end.

At lunch time I visited an ATM needing some cash.  First I checked my account balance and then touched the buttons to withdraw twenty dollars.   My ATM card was returned to me and then …

… maybe you can guess

… yes I walked away without taking the twenty dollar note from the ATM.

When I opened my wallet to pay for lunch I realised my folly and I literally facepalmed.  Having gone to a regular haunt for lunch I was fortunate that owner asked me what amount I had on me and accepted eighty cents less for the meal.

While I ate tasty pork and vegetables with fried rice I decided I had nothing to lose by returning to the bank and asking if a good Samaritan had by chance handed in my twenty dollars.  Being my usual self I was sheepish as I walked in and approached the counter.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that no one had handed in my cash.  I was however surprised when the young lady serving me informed me that if not taken in reasonable time the ATM will retract the dispensed notes.  She then surprised me further by checking my account details to confirm the withdrawal and my account was credited with the twenty dollars.  Overall I was surprised the bank – any bank – would re-credit the amount for what was my error.

So after thinking I had lost twenty dollars again (it’s not the first time) I was lucky enough to have that money returned.

So this counts as a good day.  I must tip my hat to the Commonwealth Bank for their customer service and for giving me a story with which to entertain my work colleagues on return to the office.  I also learnt something new – an ATM can retract dispensed notes – and managed to complete this post without saying ATM machine.

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