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How do you explain Robert Doyle?

August 14, 2012

Robert Doyle – Lord Mayor of Melbourne – entered the realm of social media for his re-election campaign.

‘Hello. I am Robert Doyle, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne. I’d love to chat directly about what interests we share and concerns you have about Melbourne.’

Predictably many aggrieved Occupy protesters took this opportunity to ask Robert Doyle questions.  Some were did so politely, others less polite.  Just as predictably this defender of free speech shut down his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“I regret that I have had to shut my official Facebook down and maybe Twitter too due to offensive and abusive attacks. Up again ASAP.”

They were  then re-opened with the proviso that “trolling and pro-occupy posts will not be tolerated”

However it seems that Doyle had some occupy posts of his own.  To one of those I responded:


Sadly I received no response before the page was once again removed.

I wonder when this brave defender of free speech will return to social media?  I might have to engage with him again.

One Comment
  1. Hahaha good luck using logic on him! The man isn’t just out of touch with Melbourne, he’s out of touch with humanity. There’s a really good article called Robert Doyle is a F***** C*** – you can find it on Google

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