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More Bolt – more hypocrisy

June 3, 2012

The man we love to despise – Andrew Bolt – is at it again.  Ignoring the obvious and in doing so displaying a stark hypocrisy.


Firstly Andrew has been completely silent on the collapse of Mowbray College.

$18 million in debt.  Students left in limbo.  Teachers unpaid.  You’d think that a man of the people such as Andrew Bolt would be asking what has happened?  What happened to all the fees paid by parents?  What happened to all the dollars allocated by State and Federal government?  Anything?

No not a word.  Nothing.  No criticism of the board of the college.  Private education appears to be immune from criticism from Andrew Bolt despite this collapse affecting more than a thousand students.

Imagine if it had been a public school that had been so mismanaged.  Andrew Bolt would be at the front of the proverbial lynch mob.


Next up Bolt displays his bias:

Isn’t the Speaker meant to be impartial?

“It strikes me as inappropriate that Acting Speaker Anna Burke is doing the rounds of ABC studios this morning (Radio National, 774) to feed the media meme of the week that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is promoting a newly toxic debate.

She is also telling people to lay off the disgraced Craig Thomson, saying nine inquiries is “enough”. She’s also selling the achievements of minority government.

Yes, she is a Labor MP. But at least notionally, she is meant to at least seem impartial in the exercise of her duties.”

He goes on to list examples that would only appear biased to the most rabid of the anti-ALP crowd – which is of course his audience.  Burke is following the lead of previous speakers Jenkins and Slipper in speaking about the state of the Parliament.  Nothing more.

If only Bolt would aim his criticism to the Victorian Speaker Ken Smith.  As reported by Farrah Tomazin today

“Labor leader Daniel Andrews was outraged when Baillieu put Smith in charge of the investigation into alleged rorting by Frankston MP Geoff Shaw.”

“As Andrews put it last week: ”His job as Speaker rests on Mr Shaw’s innocence. You couldn’t get a more inappropriate arrangement.””

Of course no one expects Andrew Bolt to be balanced and fair – but one day he might surprise us.


Finally Andrew Bolt – defender of free speech for all – asks:

Will Ewart do another report, this time criticising Plibersek?

“How long did Plibersek tolerate those posters in her office before they were mentioned on Ben Fordham’s show?
Hypocrite. “

LoL I doubt Bolt is capable of recognising his own hypocrisy.  If he is a defender of free speech surely he should be defending Plibersek staffers’ free speech?



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