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Kelly “O’Liar” O’Dwyer

May 18, 2012

“In Black and White – Snap of the Day” on Page 16 of the Herald Sun on Thursday 17/05/2012 featured a shop front that had “The Thanks to Julia Closing Down Sale” written on the windows.

No doubt sensing an opportunity to score political points the local Federal MP Kelly O’Dwyer visited the store and posted a picture to Twitter.

Twitter, as it is prone to do, poked fun at the photo-op and it quickly became a meme.

Others poked further and discovered the true story of the store closing.

Recently my original showroom, three doors down (1425 Malvern Road), became available again and as I hold the lease I’ve stocked it until relet.

and then:

Shop2 is closing down as most stock is sold and now subletting, so having a clearance sale!

So rather than the business closing down – as the owner is cheekily (rudely?) suggesting – the reality is that he had stocked the store until he could relet it.

The history of Allpress Antiques and its locations is laid out clearly here.

When questioned as to reality of the store closing Kelly O’Dwyer responded.

The store website clear shows that Kelly O’Dwyer’s response doesn’t fit the facts.  It’s rather baffling that she would would try to push her narrative when the truth contradicts her.

The truth looks more like this:

A picture may say a thousand words – but the truth finds a way.

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