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Bolt’s Short Memory – Pt 2

May 17, 2012

Two days ago I pointed out Andrew Bolt’s memory problems when he complained that “The boats seem to be bigger these days” even though the facts didn’t back up his opinion.

Today he complains that we are picking up suspected asylum seekers from the Cocos Islands.

The number of passengers onboard?  “63 suspected asylum seekers.”

Yes those boats really are getting smaller but you won’t hear it from Bolt.


In other Bolt news, today he took aim at the left (again) for their “hypocrisy”.

It’s worth reading Dave Gaukroger’s (Poison Pen – Crikey) and Ben Pobjie’s responses to Bolt’s  convoluted twisting illogical tapdance regarding equal rights, discrimination and same sex marriage.

Both expose Bolt’s hypocrisy and logical inconsistencies.   Sadly too many would nod along in agreement with his nonsense.


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