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News Ltd – playing the “icky-gay” card.

April 21, 2012

The homophobia displayed by News Ltd in their reporting of the allegations against Peter Slipper is a disgrace.
It is sickening that in 2012 that a mainstream media organisation would so blatantly play the “icky – gay” card.

Richard Farmer has collated the News Ltd front pages at Crikey’s The Stump blog – Putting the boot into a Slipper – and his view is:

“In my reading there is a clear attempt to enlist some old fashioned homophobia as a weapon to get rid of the Speaker and thus weaken Labor’s hold on power. ”

Farmer’s post alerted me to the Herald Sun Editorial outlining their call for Peter Slipper to “immediately stand down. ”

Within the editorial is it claimed:
He was supposedly seen on a video as long ago as 2003 climbing through a bedroom window and lying down with a junior staff member and “hugging him in an intimate fashion”.”

“He was supposedly seen on a video”.   Supposedly?    Do these allegations sound rather flimsy?  There is no confirmation that any such video exists.
Another question that seems to have eluded everyone else so far, who was “supposedly” filming the bedroom window and staffer’s bed?  That is surely a violation of privacy.

There have been no criminal charges laid against Peter Slipper, nor do I understand any complaint to law enforcement.
Any civil judgement would not require Slipper to vacate his seat.

One must wonder what the Herald Sun wants to achieve here other than a conviction in the court of public opinion.  That they are trying to achieve such a conviction with a blatant use of homophobia should see them condemned.

News Ltd – happy to convict homosexual activity?  For shame!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a daily bombardment.

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