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April Fools? Yes it’s the 40 Days for Life.

April 1, 2012

Today on April Fools’ Day the 40 Days for Life comes to an end.

It’s rather appropriate don’t you think?
I’ll be honest.  I think their beliefs are foolish, but they are entitled to their own beliefs.  My issue with these God botherers is when they try to impose their beliefs upon others.

When questioned on their 40 Days for Life Melbourne Facebook page  if they were imposing their religious views upon others they stated “I fail to see how a group of people, standing on the street, not talking to anyone passing by, praying quietly or silently, is “imposing religious beliefs” on anyone.”

Yet in an email sent on Tuesday, 28 February Fons Janssen (Campaign Director) claims “We are only less than one week in our 40 days for life campaign and already overall 65 babies have been saved!”

One must wonder how they can claim to have saved 65 babies without talking to anyone.  Telepathy?   Without talking to the women they presume them to be pregnant? The response to this question:

“I don’t need to know anyone’s pregnant. I could stand with my back to the abortion centre all day, never turning around and still be praying for the women who get abortions.”

Of course they don’t just stand there.  In another email on Monday, 12 March Fons declare he was “peacefully and prayerfully witnessing and giving out small laminated business type cards printed with a very short powerful story to passers-by.”

Another claim is that “Many women have turned away from abortion without a word being spoken to them, simply because they knew that those people were praying for them and so they knew they had some support.”

In a recent post it’s claimed “Those 65 are just the ones we know about because of women leaving abortion clinics and telling the pray-ers there that they are going to keep their baby. And it’s not 65 anymore, it’s up to 496 now.”
Yes with their eyes closed, their back to the entrance, not talking to anyone passing by, not checking if these women are pregnant, they claim to have saved 496 babies.

496 babies saved over 40 Days.
Unless they were saving twins and triplets that’s 12 women a day approaching the prayerful and saying they changed their minds because of their prayers!
Oh hallelujah!

It really is quite funny.  The phrase “The God Delusion” describes it quite well.
What isn’t as funny is the torment and guilt they have put on women considering difficult decisions.

The good news is that abortion is still legal in Victoria and the ACT.
Clinics thoughout Australia are still open and operating despite all of the “prayers” said for those women attended them and staff who work in them.

Sadly the fools will be back, but the message from the majority of Australians is clear. We are … “Never Going Back.”

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