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Why “Dream Brother”?

February 27, 2012

In June 1997 I was preparing to travel to the USA, clearing my parents garage in preparation for a farewell party, when I heard Jeff Buckley was missing presumed drowned in the Mississippi River in Memphis.

Grace had become a favourite of mine since it’s release, with Hallelujah the standout and Dream Brother the final song on the album.

It became a companion played on my Sony Walkman on my travels around the USA.  It lulled me to sleep on planes, trains, buses and in my bunk at Camp Westmont.

At Camp Westmont I shared my love of Jeff Buckley’s music with a new friend and for doing so she called me her Dream Brother.

With great affection for the name, Dream Brother became my online handle on various sites and in various forums.  I felt it suited my personality as an idealist, a day dreamer, a lover and a hurt child.

For that reason I now share Dream Brother with you:


“Dream Brother with your tears scattered round the world.”

RIP Jeff Buckley 1966-1997


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