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Why have they failed us?

February 26, 2012

One thing that has become clearly apparent among the ALP leadership drama is the disparity between the knowledge and opinions inside the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra and the opinions in the general Australian community.

Support among ALP caucus members support for Gillard is approximately 2/3 to 1/3 for Rudd.  In the wider community it’s the reverse.  How is this so?

Insiders clearly knew of Rudd’s temperament and inability to work with others.  Yet the Australian public were only treated to glimpses of this.

Is it the failure of journalists to tell the wider community the truth?  To cut through the spin?  Being shielded by rules of journalistic integrity in not revealing sources should not prevent them from revealing the larger story.

Or is it a victory for those that would prefer false impressions to be conveyed to Australians?

This affair should be a cause of reflection for all of us.  We expect a political party to say everything is fine, as the ALP did before removing Rudd as PM.  However we also expect our journalists to cut through that spin.

Why have they failed us?

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