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The selfish Libertarian – seeking freedom without responsibility

February 19, 2012


It’s the one human trait that can be counted on to ruin any social economic theory.
Capitalism and Communism have proven imperfect in reality, as human nature results in harmful excesses  caused by selfishness exhibited through greed and lust for power.

Libertarianism is similarly afflicted and it is well described here:
The Disaster of Me Libertarianism

Although based largely on the American experience this blog well describes many of my own feelings regarding libertarianism.

Too often the modern libertarian cares too much for their own freedom, and not the freedom of others.  They don’t care if their freedom comes at the expense of others.  They want freedom without responsibility.

Responsibility is the core of society.  Libertarians who advocate freedom from responsibility are arguing for the rights of the privileged few.

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  1. As a libertarian who knows other libertarians, I would say that taking responsibility for one’s actions is a typically a core virtue of libertarians.

    In fact, philosophers have argued that liberty is a necessary condition to ensure that people have responsibility for their actions (since an action taken under compulsion has no moral significance), although it would have moral significance for the person who committed the coercion. In that sense, libertarians would argue that liberty and responsibility are inexorably linked. I think a meaningful difference between libertarians and non-libertarians may be the manner in which responsibilities and obligations properly come about.

    Additionally, an aspect of left-libertarianism that particularly appeals to me — and might appeal to you — is that it attempts to decentralize political power and, as a consequence, economic power.

    I hope that makes some sense, even if you happen not to agree with it, and thanks for the discussion.

    • I don’t disagree.
      Real Libertarianism recognises responsibility.
      Sadly some espousing libertarianism ignore responsibility

  2. Alice Olson permalink

    Like Rand Paul took responsibility for having freely plagiarized the work of others?

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