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More subtle than you imagine

February 6, 2012

Happy Super Bowl Everyone.

I’m hoping for a Patriots win today as I really don’t like the New York Giants.  Not just because they defeated the 49ers last week, but because they were lucky to win in this match up four years ago, and were lucky to even make the playoffs this year.
It also stems back to 1991 when they beat the Buffalo Bills and I had to watch Giants fans come out of the woodwork.

In an article posted on The Global Mail today an Australian commentator repeats the ever boring opinion that NFL is boring and unsubtle.

Anyone who calls NFL unsubtle is missing the subtlety.

This game of human chess is more than big bodies crashing against each other.  Big bodies carry out precise plays to help advance the ball down field with amazing athletic skill for men of 300lbs.  Smaller bodies run faster most, catch precisely thrown balls, and can change direction while others try to drive their bodies into the ground.

It can be a game that takes time to appreciate the subtleties, but it is easy to marvel at the athleticism, the glamour and the sheer scale of the event.

Grab some wings and beverages (and a lucky pizza for one) and enjoy the game.  Let’s hope for a good game and a halftime show that doesn’t suck.


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  1. Oh well. It wasn’t to be for the Pats. The Giants won with one of the more unusual touchdowns ever seen, with Ahmad Bradshaw scoring when he seemed to want to stop short of the line.

    Overall the game wasn’t great, but it was close and will be remembered.

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