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Devine a mother needn’t die for your cause

February 4, 2012

On Thursday Miranda Devine posted a blog titled:
A mother needn’t die for the cause

The death is most certainly a tragic loss for her family and friends.

Devine says “No one wants to compound her family’s grief, ..” yet goes on to say
“… but her case just highlights the folly of home birth zealotry.   It is as of [sic] people have forgotten what a dangerous time childbirth used to be for mother and baby alike.”

I don’t want to compound this family’s grief, but this blog highlights Miranda Devine’s hypocrisy in her anti-choice zealotry.

She rails against home birth for its dangers away from medical professionals, yet her pro-life (anti-choice) position on abortion would see women once again exposed to dangers worse than she imagines for home birth.  Once again women would be forced to seek illegal and possibly dangerous abortions if they want to terminate a pregnancy.

If a woman were to die in a backyard abortion, would Miranda Devine call for her to have the procedure performed in a hospital?

The safest place for women terminating a pregnancy is under the protection of a trained medical professional and the safety of the law.

Back to the backyard?  No way.

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