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Bolt “Seek treasures to your left” seek slurs in the muck.

January 26, 2012

Yesterday in a column titled “Seek treasures to your left” Andrew Bolt bemoaned the lack of recognition of conservatives as National Living Treasures.

Pure Poison at Crikey summed it up well.

“The problem that faces Andrew, and those of his ilk, is that these awards keep being given out to people who spend time and effort doing things for the community, where is the recognition for those who work hard to enrich themselves?”

In his rant Bolt dug low to slur those he despises. Those who have helped others, those who have set an example for Australians to follow in caring for others.

Many of the slurs Bolt aimed at progressives are to be expected from his dark and demented viewpoint, but to label former Governor-General of Australia Sir William Deane as an “activist ex-judge” was poor form for the self-described conservative and monarchist.  You’d think he’d have more respect for the office.

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  1. anonymous permalink

    The comments on that crikey article are gold

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