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Do The Right Thing

The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey forms have arrived. Do the right thing. Say Yes!




The Most Dangerous Time

The most dangerous time to be on social media is when you’re tired, your eyes are heavy, but your mind can’t rest.

Sharing your fears, hopes and desires in moments of honesty or projection. Most probably… most likely… both.

Late nights ramblings too awful for even the worst country song.

Too much for 140 characters, too little of substance.

The thoughts that echo, are they worth mentioning during a $160 fifty minute session?

Fearing judgement. You want to say you don’t care but you do. You want to say fuck it all, and you can, and you do…. but you don’t. Not all the way.

You want to protect yourself most of all.

Teasing… but you’ll never reveal all. You’d rather stand naked than reveal all.

Long letters can be carefully crafted in this time, but an emoji is easier. Fuck that, I have something to say.

Love, loathing, loss. It’s all there.

The most dangerous time to be on social media is when you’re tired, your eyes are heavy, but your mind can’t rest.


Demolished – The Princess Mary Club


The Princess Mary Club on Lonsdale Street has been demolished revealing its foundations. It looks like an archaeological dig is taking place before it’s covered by a glass monster.





The old lady may be gone but her history won’t be forgotten.


Resignation from the Australian Sex Party


To Whom It May Concern,

The decision to deny members a say in the decision to deregister the Australian Sex Party at the federal level is a decision I cannot in good conscience support.

Members were promised a vote on a name change, but on this even bigger move, they have once again been taken for granted.

Members who were not at the meeting last Tuesday have woken to learn this news not from the party but the Herald Sun. Understandably they find this insulting. So do I. Even at the end the party couldn’t be bothered with an email informing members of this move.

Therefore I have chosen to resign from the party effective immediately.

I want to thank Fiona and Robbie for the trust and encouragement they’ve shown me over the past seven years. I want to say thank you to all the friends I’ve made throughout numerous campaigns, I cherish the experiences we’ve had together, and I hope those friendships continue.

I am proud of the role I’ve played in establishing Safe Access Zones around abortion facilities in Victoria, and if I achieve nothing more in the public sphere I will know that together we’ve achieved something that makes a real difference to many Victorians every day.

I wish everyone well if they choose to go with Reason, but in my conscience I cannot do the same.

Chris Johnson

Bake the Cake

It’s time to bust one of the long standing arguments around the marriage equality debate.

The argument regarding freedom of religion and conscience for the wedding cake maker.


Right now in Australia it is legal for a gay or lesbian person to buy a wedding cake.

Right now in Australia it is illegal for a wedding cake maker to discriminate against a gay or lesbian person wanting to buy a wedding cake.

It’s up to the purchaser what they do with the cake. It could be a prop in a movie, used in a marriage equality protest, they could do a Jason Biggs and “American Pie” the cake, or they might just have a craving for that meticulously crafted icing.

Or they could be purchasing it on behalf of straight friends for their wedding celebrations.

A cake baker does not participate in a wedding. They do not solemnise weddings.  It’s truly none of their business.

So next time you see someone raise the wedding cake argument, feel free to set them straight.

Take heed Mr Guy

With the announcement by the Andrew’s government that physician assisted dying legislation will be introduced into the Victorian Parliament in 2017 Matthew Guy has expressed his intention to vote against the proposed laws, saying it is not for politicians to involve themselves in the end-of-life discussions between a person and their family.

(Here is where I shake my head in despair, and take a deep breath… )

Dear Matthew Guy,

Don’t you realise that by voting against physician assisted dying you are involving yourself in the end-of-life discussions between a person and their family?

And you are inserting not just your own personal views but the power of the state.

Your opposition means you support the ongoing threat of the state charging a terminally ill person with obtaining the drug with which they could painlessly end their life.

Your opposition means you support the ongoing threat of the state charging people, often family members, for assisting a death.

How can you as a politician justify inserting yourself and the state in these end-of-life discussions?

By your supposed logic shouldn’t you be getting out of the way? You do that by allowing, not denying, Victorians the option of a physician assisted death.

By reversing your position you can help prevent pain and suffering.

Your opposition means that because of the limitations of palliative care some Victorians will continue to suffer excruciating deaths through dehydration or starvation.

And your opposition will mean some people will continue take their own lives in violent and distressing ways, as detailed in the Coroner’s report which I hope you’ve read.

You don’t really want Victorians one to continue to die in these ways, do you?

I urge you to meet with Fiona Patten who initiated the End of Life Choices inquiry, who sat on the Legal and Social Issues committee hearing evidence and accepting submissions from experts, and who visited jurisdictions overseas where assisted dying is working well with safeguards in place. You could learn a lot.


Oh and Mr Guy, you also stated on December 8th 2016 that the assisted dying debate was a “distraction.”

Take heed Mr Guy. The Victorians facing their own death or watching loved ones die don’t consider the debate to be a distraction and they will remember your insensitive and callous words.


There is too little time and space, and insufficient words, for me to be able to express to my loved ones how much they mean to me.

But I’ll keep trying… undeterred.